Need to get healthy but hate exercise? Procrastinating working out but feeling weaker every day?  Don’t like gyms but want to get fit? Don’t worry, I get it and I’m here to help you.

There is a simple solution. Change the way you look at your challenge. Say, maybe the thought of the work you have to put into getting fit is actually more painful than your perceived ‘fit’ reward! Or you feel you are managing right now and so you can postpone the ‘torture’ of actually working out for a bit. You could be telling yourself you don’t want a super sculpted body, so your need to get fit isn’t urgent.

Don’t wait. Health is wealth. What you really gain is a much higher standard of living. A rich life. Being fit isn’t really about looking good and building a better body. It’s about feeling amazing and building a higher quality of life for you and your family. When you are fit, you have more energy, more mobility and the ability to enjoy an active, pain free life to the fullest.  Make your reason to get fit bigger than your reason not to and your fitness journey will get so much easier!

Once you’ve got your reason why, figure out how you can have the most fun working out. Exercise doesn’t need to be tedious and going to a gym isn’t your only option.  When you add the element of fun, you will find yourself looking forward to your workout rather than dreading it. This triples your chances of achieving your goals and transforming your life. You’ll get the most out of physical activities that you enjoy, and you’ll keep coming back for more! Mission accomplished.

Yes, my friend, there are a million super fun, unconventional ways to workout and get fit… It’s just a matter of discovering one that works for you.

For starters, read on for some fun but effective workout ideas that will get you sweating, smiling and laughing at the same time.

1. Dance your heart out
Get a playlist of your favourite toe tapping numbers and just dance in the privacy of your room. It’s a great way to get happy as you get your blood pumping and you’ll break out in a sweat in no time at all if you just keep moving and grooving. In fact, dance movements actually work muscles that traditional exercises sometimes miss!

2. Move to the beat
Music can be a great motivation for a fun workout. Try exercising to music you like Find a song you like, and suddenly you’ll find you can do double the reps!

3. Try a new sport or activity
If going to a gym or regular exercise doesn’t inspire you, why don’t you try a new sport or activity? You can choose an active one like Capoeira, Kickboxing, Tennis and Soccer or go the low impact way with Pilates, Yoga or Tai chi. Remember, there is always the option to change if you get bored of one.

4. Hit the trails
Take a break from your regular routine, find a trail and go for a walk, run, hike or bike ride outdoors. Whatever is most enjoyable for you. Do it right and you can make this super effective!

5. Get screen fit
Try a virtual fitness class of your choice on, get a workout app or play an active video game. Any exercise is good for you and something is always better than nothing!

6. Listen to you inner child
Remember your fun ways to play as a kid? You ran around, tried fun stuff, created your own obstacle course and just had so much fun. Try it again! Or try an activity you always wanted to do, but never got down to, like roller blading, skiing or trampolining.

7. Challenge yourself
This is your go to if you like a little competition! Look for an online challenge, or make one for yourself! An easy way to spice up your workout!

8. Buddy up and get social
Getting a buddy or two to workout with you is an amazing idea. They can encourage you and at the same time it i can double u as a social get together… don’t want to meet in person? No challenge workout online! You still get to laugh and exercise together!

9. Do a fun family workout
Exercising with your family easily doubles up as quality bonding time! Help your children get into the habit of fitness by doing fun activities every couple of exercises… For example depending on your preference, go from sets of push ups and squats to a timed bout of a active fun like balloon volleyball,  basket ball dribble, a  short game of tag or hula hoop session!  Bring on the fun and you will find everyone wanting to work out more.

10. Train with a professional
A super amazing option and of course the surest way to success is to get a personal trainer or register for a regular fitness, yoga or dance class with a certified instructor. Trainers can show you how to effectively work out, help you stay on track, figure out how to make your workout fun for you!

Focusing on having fun as you workout can help you change your “I should exercise” into a “I must exercise”. This will help you reach you fitness goals faster. Stop postponing getting fit. Start now. Imagine a stronger, healthier, happier, more confident you! When you are fit, you feel super. Like you can do anything, face any challenge, and achieve any goal! Remember some day is no day in the week. Make your some day today, and transform the rest of your life.