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Have you tried to start a fitness regime to get in shape, only to get derailed after a week or a month? Have you been able to reach your goal, but lost all your gains shortly after? There could be a million external factors that helped make this happen, but the biggest one comes from within you. It’s the way you think about fitness and your personal identity n relation to it.

It will be much easier to reach your wellness goals if you work on your fitness mindset as you also work on your body. Developing a fitness mindset will make it much easier for you to reach your goals even when you face challenges and get off track.

What you look like today s the result of a million little things and habits that you have engaged in over many years. It’s not practical for you to assume that you will hit your goals overnight now, and get frustrated when you do not.  Fitness is a journey for you to enjoy. It is not destination and has no stop point in life.

Being obsessed with strengthening and improving my body my whole life, I’ve tried a lot of different ways to get to my goals. Here I have decided to share my discoveries with you so you can fast track yourself to reach your goals sooner rather than later.

  1. Keep it simple in order to succeed and make it sustainableMake realistic adjustments in your schedule that you believe you can incorporate on a permanent basis to make a new way of life. Crash diets, and intense short term workouts have been proven to have negative results on your health and body in the long run, so please don’t even go there. Instead, find ways of eating and exercising that are effective for you, and compatible with your lifestyle. When it’s easy, your mind will not get overwhelmed and convince you to stop. Instead, you will get inspired to make a few more changes which will result in more change.
    For example, take some healthy snacks you can much during the day rather than stopping to buy a donut when you get a break.

    2. Baby steps n the right direction is better than no step at all
    If you are a person who believes in the all or nothing attitude, let me tell you it doesn’t really work when it comes to fitness. If you are waiting to get the time or place to work out, it’s not coming any time soon. In fitness if you are not rising, you are slipping and this means that while you are waiting to get the time to work out, you are actually becoming weaker and going further away from your goal. Remember “Someday is No day in the week!” Don’t get to it someday… start today!
    For example, doing something for even 5 or 10 minutes is better than doing nothing for a year!Don’t go for the complete over haul , which is generally unsustainable in the long run, but instead, make small healthy changes in your nutrition and workout regime that you know are doable for you.  Look at your day as a series of many individual chances to make healthy choices. It’s ok if you slip up a couple of times, as will get another chance to even the odds!  If you truly get this in your mindset, you will not wait another day, but instead feel empowered to start your lasting transformation today!!

    3.  Introduce small fun healthy habits in your life
    Search for fitness activities that you love, look forward to and make you smile!  If you enjoy what you do, you will look forward to these activities and want to do them more. The more you do it, the more likely it will become a new habit in a new way of life that will result in lasting change. What’s more amazing is that, you can be happy while on your fitness journey, and not just after you have reached your goals!!
    For example if you like dancing rather than working out with weights, go for it! I’ve danced my whole life and love it as a fitness option!

    4. Be flexible in your schedule

Life happens. There are emergencies, children and a million unavoidable circumstances that could possibly derail any plan even if it was made with the best intentions. Please don’t let the ball drop and call it quits. Instead try juggling the schedule, switching or adjusting times and giving yourself some lee way.
For example, if you have decided to work out for one hour 3 times a week, and you can’t make it happen for a couple of weeks, how about committing to 12 hours a month instead… you could even divide an hour into half hours…in fitness, something is better than nothing

  1. 5. Celebrate your small wins

A journey to a big goal in fitness can be a long time coming, so take the time to celebrate the baby steps you are taking in the right direction.  This is a must because when you celebrate, you generally start smiling. Smiling releases dopamine, or the happy hormone! This helps you feel you are reaching your Super U goal and will motivate you to push forward to the next step!! The more steps you take achieve and celebrate, the more your real your big goal will seem and the more you believe, the more likely it is that you will achieve it.

So, on your fitness journey, just keep playing and having fun. This will get your mind in the game, and when this happens more than half your battle is won!!